Stillwater Series
-NEW- for 2013!
"Custom" is not synonymous with "extravagant." With that in mind, we offer the StillWater. Inspired by the high lakes of the Central Oregon Cascades, the StillWater provides a light, stable, comfortable, durable and easy to handle boat. Its simple design is pure low-maintainance function, while its construction is pure quality. A favorite with resorts, the StillWater can be customized to provide the interior layou that best fits your needs.

If you need it, want it, or have pondered it, we'll build it.

hull size

16x54 StillWater [$6,495]
18x60 StillWater [$7,995]


One Lid Rower's Dry Box [$350]
Two Lid Rower's Dry Box [$400]
Three Lid Rower's Dry Box [$450]
Fish Box [$150]
Composite Oar Upgrade [$350]
Upgraded Tempress Seats [$60 ea]
Spare 3 Piece Oar and Blade [$200]
Coat-It Graphite Bottom Protectant [$225]
Front Raised Level Floors [$400]
Front Casting Horns [$100]
Rear Helmsman Dry Box Seat [$225]
Enclosed Bow Storage [$325]
Pass Through Dry Boxes [$500 ea]
Pedestal Seating [$200]
Anchor [$90]
Bow Anchor System [$150]
Spare Tire & Mount [$175]
Folding Wheel Stand [$75]
Front Travel Bra [$275]
Full Cover & Bra [$500]
Full Cover & Bra [$600]

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