Pick a stream. Pick a river. Pick a lake. Immediately you are confronted by the urge to explore, the desire to fish, and the need of a craft. Not just any will do, and not from just any boat builder. You want innovation, quality, function, and looks and all of that at a great price. The choice...FishCraft. Since 2003 we have been handcrafting the most comfortable, durable, and the most user friendly boats and trailers ever constructed.

From placid still waters to large, aggressive, whitewater rivers where displacement en masse is required, FishCraft's selection is the most diverse offering of fishing craft from any fishing boat manufacturer today. Our existence has been permeated by a need to explore around the next corner, again and again. Never confined by a dogmatic reliance upon a single material, FishCraft boats incorporate our differing views of perfection driven by demands and experiences.