This could possibly be the most versatile fishing craft an angler could own. Part drift boat, part cataraft, the SuperCat provides all the forgiveness and the maneuverability of the cats while providing a complete enclosure that's enjoyed by many. The advanced tunnel hull design, which raised the floors a full 14" off the water level, and the removable rigid floor is what turn this from an ordinary raft into the ultimate fishing machine. This boat runs the skinniest of skinny to the gnarliest of gnarley. Sure it's a great fishing boat, however, if shipping the oars and holding on for dear life while you plunge into the "Hell Hole" is what you want, go for it! We've put this boat through the tests. This boat offers even the novice oarsman, to the most seasoned, a safe and reliable craft. As a guide boat, the enclosed design provides a level of comfort that's highly appreciated, and as a family boat, the SuperCat keeps the children surrounded by forgiving material.

Here's the scoop

The SuperCat 15' and new 18' both come with 26" main tubes made of heavy duty 2200 denier PVC (diminishing to 16" at bow and stern) provide an additional 20" of cargo room. Super tough 4000 denier floor mounted 14" above the water. Extra wide 20" "River Track" protecting the waterline from bow to stern. Complete with an adjustable aluminum fishing frame, side pull anchor system, and solid removable high density plastic floors. And to get you down the river 10 foot Sawyer oars.

SuperCats come fully loaded with Hard Floors, Oars, Front and Rear Crossbar Seating, Rower's Seat and Anchor System (Anchor sold separately). See additional options to the right...